EutecTrode 777

EutecTrode 777


EutecTrode® 777

The Castolin-Eutectic 777 DYNATRODE is a consumable electrode for mild steel, all positions, fast deposition manual arc welding.

PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS: Containers, ducts, tanks.

OTHER USES: Machine guards – angle iron and expanded metal

OUTSTANDING FEATURES: All position – Works off all AC or DC power sources – Instantaneous strike/re-strike – Ideally suited to single pass filleting.

RECOMMENDATIONS: For low carbon steel sheet, forms and plates. Easy to use. Rapid deposition, excellent deposit appearance and self-releasing slag. A universal, all position, mild steel welding electrode, producing quality weld deposits with superb bead appearance, regardless of power source, current or polarity. Arc is quiet, producing a spray type deposition with a high degree of arc ionization. Superior wash in filleting applications. Especially recommended as a contact electrode.




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