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Industrial companies are confronted with serious workplace hazards every day in their businesses. Respiratory protection is technically the most challenging area of safety; and dangerously, the harm airbourne hazards do can be silent in the short term making wearing masks hard to implement. After working along the hierarchy of hazard control, respirators can become an operator’s most essential line of personal protection. When every breath counts, respirators must help operators to work in heat, humidity, darkness, remote, tight spaces while carrying heavy equipment. Despite the serious nature of respiratory hazards, masks can be a burden. We understand all these challenges. CleanSpace works differently – allowing businesses to implement effective respiratory programs where staff have to wear their masks. We make leading respiratory protection that global industrial companies can trust. Our products are certified to major international standards. Our design and manufacturing is ISO9001 accredited, so you can be assured of the quality and reliability of every CleanSpace product.  


Our end users have global operations and are in sectors such as manufacturing, infrastructure, resources, water/waste, chemical, energy, engineering, transport and healthcare. A wide range of blue-chip companies and governments have chosen CleanSpace to protect their people. Protection is a partnership. Our customers’ goal is to provide safety equipment that their teams use everywhere and at all times. That is our goal too. Critical for implementing and managing effective protection is a partnership with the safety specialists, site operators and safety officer. We partner with organisations to enable sustainable assured respiratory protection.  


Our company is a highly qualified innovator in respiratory safety. CleanSpace has its origins in the medical industry. Our experience is based on continually improving health outcomes, safety and standards of care. Our engineers have designed and manufactured medical respirators that are relied upon by millions of people around the world. We have a deep understanding of device integrity and have brought this to personal respiratory protection. CleanSpace respirators are a game changer and the product leader in protective respirators. In the last 20 years, technology has driven unprecedented advances in medical equipment and transformed people’s health. In the interests of industrial customers’ respiratory health, our team is dedicated to changing the way people think about respiratory protection.  


We know that high protection is no protection if the mask is uncomfortable or hard to use. CleanSpace respirators deliver the high protection of a powered respirator with the ease of use of a negative pressure mask. P3 protection. Fresh airflow (up to 220L/min). Compact and light (500g). Intuitive system. No hoses or belts. CleanSpace is designed to be comfortably worn for quick tasks or long shifts. Built to give teams the freedom to be protected and operate anywhere and anytime, and developed for seamless business integration and operation efficiencies. Our proprietary technology AirSensitTM platform has created the world’s smallest powered respirator. Adopting the widely used smartphone battery technology, CleanSpace powered respirators are safe, efficient and quick charging. CleanSpace offers intrinsically safe, decontamination and sterilisation options for a versatile number of applications. CleanSpace respirators can operate in just the kind of challenging environments that organisations face.  


Respiratory protection is challenging and you need a respiratory specialist. CleanSpace offers a range of respirators that protect and liberate the user. The mask design fits with the deployment of a comprehensive sustainable respirator program from hazards identification, equipment set up and training, fitting your men and women and long term compliance. CleanSpace is enabling thousands of operators around the world to work safely in comfort and with minimal intrusion to the task at hand. CleanSpace meets an organisation’s duty of care in managing down the safety risks in their operations.  


Our team of dedicated product specialists, safety coordinators, hygienists and biomedical engineers have decades of respiratory safety experience. Our select distribution model ensures we focus on supporting safety teams on site anywhere in the world. We ensure our partners’ teams are well informed of customer communication and onsite activities. Because we are dedicated to effective respiratory protection, CleanSpace partners with safety specialists and together we deliver an engagement model that extends to trialling, training, fit testing, deployment and sustained compliance. We are aligned with best practice workplace safety values while acknowledging the challenges of implementing safety programs. We offer training programs that deliver in-field support, remote access, comprehensive product information, and responsive technical advice. We support a global network of safety suppliers to ensure the highest level of customer support for corporate accounts.

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