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Specialised Welding Products

Specialised Welding Products (SWP) are a dynamic and innovative team of people who provide product and service on the leading edge of welding technology.

Established in 1983, they have worked tirelessly to develop a company which offers its customers one of the largest and most diverse range of specialised welding consumables in Australia. Our standard of support and services are second to none.

They pride themselves on their expert metallurgical and welding engineering expertise, enabling us to offer our customers the technical support essential for success in this competitive market.

They have established a long standing and close working relationship with two prestigious companies, The Welding Alloys Group and Metrode Products (UK), which allows them direct access to the very latest research and development in Europe, Asia and the USA, as well as the outstanding R&D work they have done in Australia and in turn share with their overseas partners.

SWP are a flexible and diversified company. We see this as an advantage in today’s changing world as it enables us to respond quickly and effectively through the market to address our customer’s needs into the new millennium. We not only see ourselves as a supplier of specialised welding consumables but a provider of solutions to our customers welding technology problems.

The widest range of welding consumables in Australia:

Flux cored wires, manual metal arc electrodes, and solid wires, available for all welding processes.

A complete range of alloys from mild steel to numerous standard and specialist stainless steels.

Hardfacing alloys, nickel based alloys, cobalt based alloys and complex superalloys.

Standard and purpose-built welding machines:

We supply state-of-the-art welding machines as standard units or we can design and supply machines to suit your specific needs.

Technical support:

Access to the most up-to-date metallurgical and welding engineering advice and support in Australia.

International team:

Access to a world-wide network of knowledge and expertise via their association with The Welding Alloys Group and Metrode Products (UK).

Customer benefits:

A team of people who have established close working relationships with existing customers, and enjoy the challenge of working to establish new business with them for our mutual benefit.

Metallurgical expertise:

The ability to design and manufacture welding alloys to suit individual customer’s specific needs – for any purpose or application – formulated using our metallurgical expertise.

Toowoomba Welding Supplies are proud to be associated with Specialised Welding Products