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Kemppi is a pioneering company within the welding industry. They believe that everything that can be connected will be connected. For them, welding value is increasingly created in the global, constantly evolving networks – in the meeting point of different industries, users, technologies, equipment, software, and services. To pioneer this value creation, we need to understand the individual motivations along the way.

Individual welding excellence:

Respect for individual differences has guided Kemppi for over 65 years. It starts with keeping our promises. Kemppi is designed to support people in their work and help them excel at what they do. Their tools are knowledge, curiosity, discovery, and co-operation. These tools have enabled industry innovations in the past and we trust them to do that in the future as well.

Welding knowledge and discovery:

With Kemppi, you experience every day what knowledge and discovery – proven technologies, expertise, and fast reaction – truly mean. You know your mission, profit, project, and results no matter where you are, and you can discover new, more productive and sustainable solutions for your business needs.

Business is between people:

For Kemppi, business is between people. People are, have been, and will always be, at the center of their operation. It is the curiosity of people that drives them to experiment beyond the conventional. And it is co-operation across borders that creates success – new value to share.

As the pioneering company within the welding industry, it is our role to develop solutions that make you a winner. Solutions on which you can trust your future. In this, Kemppi doesn’t compromise, but instead, continue challenging the conventional to find something bigger. And we invite you to participate. Why? Because the future is in the knowing. 

Toowoomba Welding Supplies are proud to have a long standing association with Kemppi that goes back to the days when Dick van Tricht sold Kemppi welders in Tumbarumba more than 40years ago.