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At CIGWELD – An ESAB Brand, our mission is to solve end-user problems with branded solutions in niche cutting, welding and gas control. We consider ourselves to be a customer-focused organisation, whose business is reliant on the satisfaction of our distributors and end-users, not only with our product range but also with the technical support, and after-sales care we provide. We not only back the quality of our products with a peace-of-mind warranty, but most importantly we support our complex portfolio with a full team of area managers, customer care representatives, and technical support staff, who strive to be the best in the industry and always listen closely to our customer’s needs. It is our job to be the welding and cutting professionals, so we pride ourselves on the years of knowledge and experience within our customer care department, and the helpful, “can-do” attitude of our employees, whose goal is to make it easy for you to do business with us.  

Our Mission

“To solve end-user problems with branded solutions in niche cutting, welding and gas control”

In a commitment to this mission our aim is to react on the feedback and information we get from our customers to ensure we are in touch with industry demands, and our end-users needs. Being a supplier of welding and cutting equipment we are aware that our target market ranges from Heavy Industrial to DIY, and includes professionals from a range of industries, (Fabrication, Mining, Oil & Gas, Earthmoving, Manufacturing, Machinery, Automotive, Defence, Farming & Agriculture, Trades, Hobbyists etc… just to name a few…) So wherever you weld, whatever your industry…. we have a solution for you!


  • 1922: JB Arnold was established on 1st June,
  • 1922. Specialising in the manufacturing of gas welding and spray painting equipment.
  • 1923: EMF Electric established in
  • 1923. Manufacturers of arc welding machines and electrodes.
  • 1935: JB Arnold became apart of Commonwealth Industrial Gases (CIG).
  • 1939: CIG acquires EMF Electric.
  • 1946: CIG equipment factory is formed.
  • 1957: The COMET 1 Torch was released, reinvented as a brass handled product.
  • 1967: COMET 2 launched
  • 1975: COMET 3 launched
  • 1962: CIG Equipment Division was formed. Incorporating the equipment factory of JB Arnold’s Carlton and West Melbourne plants, and EMF’s North Carlton Arc Equipment plant, and Abbotsford Electrode and Wires plant. All were relocated to Preston, VIC.
  • 1985: With a focus on welding and gas equipment, CIG Equipment division formed CIGWELD.
  • 1989: CIGWELD sold to Investment Group and Snr. Management Consortium.
  • 1996: CIGWELD acquired by Thermadyne. Thermadyne was originally founded in 1987, and brought with it an impressive portfolio of other welding and cutting brands: Stoody, Thermal Dynamics, Tweco, Arcair and Victor.
  • 1999: CIGWELD moves gas equipment manufacturing warehouse and administration office to premises in Gower Street, and opens new distribution warehouses in QLD, WA and SA.
  • 2005: In China, CIGWELD establishes Fluida gas equipment manufacturing facility, and Thermadyne WFOE in Ningbo. Sales office opened in Shanghai.
  • 2010: Thermadyne, including CIGWELD, acquired by IPC Irving Place Capital.
  • 2012: CIGWELD parent company, Thermadyne changed to Victor Technologies. CIGWELD Pty Ltd continue to operate in Australia as the trading entity throughout the Asia Pacific market.
  • 2014: Victor Technologies and the brands of CIGWELD, Stoody, Tweco, Arcair, Comweld Medical and Thermal Dynamics are acquired by ESAB, a world leader in the production of Welding and Cutting Equipment, and Consumables. The parent company of ESAB is Colfax. A multi-platform industrial enterprise providing solutions that ‘make the world work’.


Toowoomba Welding Supplies are proud to be associated with Cigweld