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Kemppi Beta welding helmet range


Designed for professional welders and certified to EN175 B for welding, grinding and cutting processes, Beta welding helmet range includes five models equipped with either passive or automatic filters. All Beta models feature the same lightweight but strong shell construction, a comfort headband, GapView flip lens function and magnifying lens frame.

Beta 90X is the top model of Beta welding helmet range. It is equipped with an XA 47 ADF welding filter featuring LiFE+ Color optics to improve work accuracy, reduce eye fatigue and protect your sight. The flip-up welding lens cassette holder provides three fixed positions: fully closed, fully open, or the convenient GapView position, setting a limited clear view of the work area, ideal for setting and tack welding tasks.

Beta 90 and 60 product series contain models equipped with an auto-darkening or a passive welding filter. These welding helmets offer great value and reliable protection for professional welders and fabricators.


  • Suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA, plasma, cutting, and grinding
  • LiFE+ Color ADF technology increases the work accuracy in XA 47 model
  • Automatic welding filter XA 47 features shade choices 5, 9-13 and 14-15 for higher current welding
  • Automatic welding filter SA 47 features shade choices 4 and 9-13 (Beta 90A)
  • Automatic welding filter SA 35 features shade choices 4 and 9-13 (Beta 60A)
  • Deep cut design increases protection to the facial sides
  • Flip-up welding lens cassette including inspection window
  • Strong, super-adjustable and comfortable headband
  • Convenient GapView position in flip-up lens
  • EN175 B impact protection rated
  • Magnifying lens option
  • Lightweight

Kemppi Gamma welding helmet range


Gamma product range contains two face shield models, offering premium protection for your eyes and face in working environments where respiratory protection is not needed.

They offer maximum vision and safety for welding, grinding and inspection processes. Choose from passive or automatic lens models including market leading features for comfort and usability. 


  • Flip-up welding visor
  • Passive welding lens 102 x 74 mm (100P)
  • SA 60 automatic welding filter (100A)
  • 198 cm² grinding visor with 170° work site view
  • GapView welding visor setting
  • Axis regulator tunes eye-line perspective
  • Certified for welding and grinding work
  • Magnifying lens options

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