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The PFERD Brand – The brand you can trust
Welcome to PFERD Australia Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of abrasives. PFERD, a core brand for the development, production, support, and distribution of surface finishing and material cutting products.
PFERD Australia has been servicing Australia for over 34 years, with decentralized national warehousing, technical support, product training and much more.
PFERD products offer both companies and their worker’s maximum benefit and cost-effectiveness.
We are recognized for our depth of range, trusted for our quality products and sought after for our service and technical know-how. Operating with sustainability in mind, and responsible use of all resources, makes PFERD a dependable and reliable trading partner.

The range – A solution for every application
Known globally for manufacturing quality abrasives – Your trusted abrasive solution!
The global PFERD product range includes more than 7,500 products for differing applications, with over 95% of the range manufactured by PFERD production plants around the world. PFERD Australia stocks over 3,500 products; from files, burrs, fine finishing, polishing, to cutting, grinding and more.
An extensive range that’s popular with end-users and stores. Our products suit tradespeople, automotive, construction, manufacturing and the like.
A brand that sets a benchmark for product quality and performance, with applications from cutting, grinding, brushing, milling, filing, polishing, cleaning to deburring, rust removal etc.
PFERD products are OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Grinding Tools) approved and comply with Australian standards, offering you the greatest level of safety and peace of mind.

Unique Products – Market Leading Innovation
PFERD is committed to creating innovative high-performance abrasive products. Truly unique items created and developed by PFERD’s global manufacturing. Below are just a few of these popular items.
The benchmark ‘One and only’ PFERD 125mm 1.0mm ULTRA-THIN cut off wheel – NEW & improved with 30% more cuts. Release date – September 2016.
PFERD DUODISC® – Cut & Grind with one disc. An OSA rated thin grinding disc that also cuts. Available In a range of sizes with 1.9, 2.8 & 3.5mm thickness.
PFERD POLIFAN® CURVE – High stock removal disc for use on fillet welds, contour grinding and hard to reach areas. A truly remarkable and innovative grinding disc.
PFERD POLIFAN® STRONG – The ultimate PFERD grinding flap disc with outstanding steel removal.
PFERD CC-GRIND-SOLID® – The new generation of grinding wheels. Achieves high steel removal. Noise and vibration reduced by 50%, with 80% less dust. The future of grinding is here.

The PFERD formula – The right mix for your success
As Australia’s most trusted abrasives supplier, we recognize the importance of providing quality abrasives to our users.
Workers around the world trust in the blue and choose PFERD. The combination of individual consultation, innovative high-performance products, and on-site experience, have made PFERD into a recognized brand for quality abrasives.
PFERD distributors and supported buying groups trust PFERD because we offer innovative quality products, comprehensive training, and field support.
Our team of technical experts is here to help. Staff is dedicated to providing a great product, personal contact, valuable solutions, and building long-term relationships.

The manufacturing process of our products from research and development to production is focused on the end-user. PFERD feels there is a duty of care to provide products that offer increased safety.
The PFERDERGONOMICS® programme aims at the long-term reduction of dust, noise and vibration levels produced by abrasive products. To increase the user’s comfort and not impair their health, even under tough working conditions.
PFERDEFFICIENCY® offers innovative, high-performance product solutions with outstanding added value. This achieves great results in the shortest time and saves on energy and reduces costly waste, improves end-user productivity and cost savings.

Product Safety – Our commitment to safety and service
Safety is crucial when working with abrasive products and PFERD is your partner for safe tools.
As a leading manufacturer of abrasive tools, PFERD meets all the requirements of national and international laws, standards, codes, and guidelines. The PFERD quality management system is ISO9001 certified and guarantees compliance with all regulations.
A longstanding member of OSA, the OSA label certifies that a given product has been manufactured to the most stringent standards in force anywhere in the world today. PFERD grinding and abrasive cut-off wheels carry the “OSA” label.

Abrasive Market – Quality abrasive products
PFERD Australia has been known for its strong industrial focus. However, these days PFERD products are mainly distributed through industrial, trade/retail and corporate accounts. Many of these are independent outlets specializing in various trades, tools, construction, manufacturing, fasteners and much more.

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