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Kemppi Fastmig X Pulse Welder

Kemppi Fastmig X

Welding workshops, especially those specialized in heavy contract manufacturing, need reliable multi-process welding, including MIG/MAG welding with pulse capability and stick welding, for various applications where high productivity, quality, and flexibility are desired.

We assembled the perfect setup for highly efficient multi-process welding of carbon steels and the most typical stainless steels and aluminum alloys. See how to save energy, time, and money by raising the productivity and quality of welding to an entirely new level.


  • WeldEye compatibility: easy and exact production and quality management.
  • Save filler metal – the high energy density of the arc allows narrower grooves to be used with WiseFusion.
  • More efficient welding – utilize up to 30 % faster travel speeds with WiseFusion.
  • Up to 25 % lower heat input, fewer deformations, and less straightening work with WiseFusion.
  • Less spatter equals fewer repairs and lower post-welding costs.
  • Light mechanization enabled with MagTrac welding carriage compatibility: up to 5 times faster than fully manual welding.
  • Easy to keep welding parameters inside WPS tolerances with the arc voltage measurement.
  • Focused arc with WiseFusion – smaller weld pool size – easier to weld in all positions. 
  • SuperSnake subfeeder offers the best reach on the market, up to 30 m.
  • Inverter technology alone can save up to 40 % of energy.