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FM, North, Trafimet

Jinan North Welding Tools Company Ltd., established as a joint venture by American North Technology Incorporation, is a welding tool manufacturer based in China. We specialize in the production of various welding tools, including our wire feed welding gun, spool gun, push pull gun, light duty welding positioner, and welding rotator. We offer a wide variety of series of products to fill all of our customers’ needs. For example, our wire feed welding torch is available in the European series, Bernard series, Tweco series, Panasonic series, OTC series, self-shielding series, and gas valve series.

Since our establishment in 1992, North has grown significantly, in both production capabilities and staff. We produce 300,000 welding torches per year with an output value of over 100 million CNY. Our strong production capabilities are made possible by our 30 sets of advanced CNC equipment, including our 10 sets of Haas CNC processing equipment, and a large number of Korean Hyundai CNC processing equipment. Our Haas CNC processing equipment consists of 2 sets of vertical four-axle CNC machining centers, 2 sets of horizontal lathe machining centers, and 6 sets of additional CNC machining equipment. Our staff has also grown exponentially since our beginning. Currently, with a staff of over 200, we have a superior professional team comprised of more than 80 skilled and technical personnel as well as 20 senior engineers.

At North, we believe that the credibility of our company and the reliability of our products are the foundation of our company. Therefore, we have established a comprehensive quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 standards. We also perform frequent staff training and conduct entire staff quality management activities in order to enhance the quality awareness of our employees. In addition, our products are CCC, CE, and RoHS compliant. At North, we continually strive to produce unrivaled high quality welding tool for our valued customers. Because of our efforts, we have been awarded as a high-tech enterprise many times. In addition, we were recently rated as the only Standing Council Unit for Welding Torch Product by the Welder Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association.

North holds a number of proprietary intellectual property rights and possesses independent development and design capabilities. We have also cooperated with top Fortune 500 companies and have established long-term relationships with the American Miller Company, Hobart Company, Thermal Dynamics, Lincoln Company, and other prestigious corporations. Furthermore, we are the long-term supplier of a large number of European welding machine manufacturing enterprises. In fact, our welding products have been exported to parts of North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region. North is favorably recognized by numerous foreign and domestic customers, and our brand has become a famous brand both at home and abroad. 

Toowoomba Welding Supplies are proud to be associated with Jinan North Welding Tools Company Ltd