Eutectic Xuper 2240

Eutectic Xuper 2240


Eutectic Xuper 2240

  • Excellent tie-in and fluidity characteristics in all-positions
  • Excellent welding wash and fluidity with little or no spatter
  • Unique chemistry for in-process weld cleaning and little to no spatter
  • Ductile matrix imparts high crack resistance


Xuper 2240 is an extremely versatile joining and re-build electrode specially formulated for gray, ductile, nodular and alloyed cast irons. This all-position electrode possesses a unique arc, which aids in removing harmful contaminants. Xuper 2240 deposits weld metal having a crack-resistant structure. It is easily handled, produces little to no spatter and it welds with excellent fluidity and wash. Weld deposits are machinable.


  • Pump Casings
  • Bell Housings
  • High-Strength Alloyed Cast Iron Gear Boxes
  • Machine Bases
  • Repairing Foundry Defects
  • Motor Casings




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