Trade N Go Gas™


Industrial grade argon gas is commonly used as a welding gas in MIG and TIG welding, and also in plasma cutting applications.



Migshield is a premium gas used primarily for the MIG welding of carbon steel. Great for clean, quality and economical welds.


Oxygen and acetylene together produce the hottest flame of any welding gas mixture. In combination with other fuel gases, it gives a much higher flame temperature than air


Due to its low ignition energy, acetylene is easy to ignite in oxygen or air. Oxygen and acetylene combined produce the hottest flame of any welding gas mixture


Trade N Go it

STEP ONE   Buy your Gas   Simply drop into Toowoomba Welding Supplies, purchase your gas and pay a one time flat-fee deposit on the cylinder. You can keep the cylinder for as long as you need it.

STEP TWO   Swap your empty   When the cylinder is empty, drop into Toowoomba Welding Supplies and swap it for a full one. Just pay for the gas and you’re on your way.

STEP THREE   Return the cylinder   Once you are finished with the cylinder, return it to Toowoomba Welding Supplies and get your deposit back. 

Available in D and E sizes