Toowoomba Welding Supplies has a complete range of Welding Helmets that can suit domestic, light industrial and heavy-duty welding jobs.

Welding Helmets

Before you buy a welding helmet, ask yourself the question, “How important are my eyes?”.

So often we look to save a few dollars because times are tough, but neglect to think of the long term effects. At Toowoomba Welding Supplies we like to take the time to show you the full range of welding helmets and welding googles to find the one that suits your application.

Australian Standards for Welding Helmets

Is my welding helmet Australian Standards compliant?

This is another important question to ask. It is imperative to always use welding helmet protection that is compliant with Australian Standards. Note that ANSI (USA) and EN (European) Standards are not interchangeable with Australian Standards.

Equipment that is not compliant with Australian Standards should not be used to grind within Australia, regardless of whether the welding helmet has a grind mode or not. Similarly, if you require head protection, only use welding and safety helmets compliant with AS/NZS1801.

The relevant Australian Standards for welding personal protective equipment that are important to take note of are as follows:  

  • AS/NZS1337 & AS/NZS1337.1  Eye and Face Protection
  • AS/NZS1338.1 – Eye Protection for Welding
  • AS/NZS1716 – Respiratory Protection
  • AS/NZS1801 – Head Protection
  • AS/NZS1270 – Hearing Protection

Toowoomba Welding Supplies only stocks helmets compliant with Australian Standards.