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About Excision

As you are well aware, working with precision industrial machines, blades and tools significantly improves your opportunity to achieve top quality results for your business.

Some operators expect first rate results from second rate equipment. Blades, cutters and other consumables are often a case in point. To the average eye, one looks as good as another yet can be worlds apart when it comes to performance.

It takes dependable precision tools and machinery to create quality precision products. It’s about accuracy, durability, and maximum return on investment from equipment that produces precision products to the standards you and your customers expect.

Better quality machinery and consumables translate into more cost-effective operations. And when you deal with us, you will receive the finest technical support and industrial know-how to maximise your output.

It stands to reason: better tools increase productivity, improve profit margins and drive your dollar further. Best of all, you’ll have more customers who keep coming back for more.

That’s precisely what true commercial success is all about: repeat business. Satisfied customers who keep coming back.

Excision is a supplier of premium industrial equipment and consumables, supplying a large network of distributors across Australia and beyond.

We source high quality, high performance products from leading international manufacturers and value-add through additional manufacturing at our purpose-built factory. Our product line includes magnetic based drills, bandsaw blades, coldsaw blades, bandsaw machines, coldsaw machines, geared head drills, belt driven drills, fume extraction, laser level systems, core drills, holesaws and more.

Established in the early 1990s, our business began by importing saw blades. In response to demand we were soon sourcing other products for our distributors and this led to the acquisition of a number of strategic companies and agencies. During this time we established a reputation for excellent customer service that continues to this day.

Over the years we have formed relationships with some of the world’s largest and most reputable brands, including Alfra, Allclear, Arboga, Beeline, Bianco, BTM, Kepp, Kreüz Tooling, Reisen, Rontgen, ScanGrind, Thomas and Transit Optical, choosing our suppliers with care so that we can offer the very best products available.

Helping our distributors to be successful is the focus for everything we do. Our goal is to always provide them with quality, range and value for money – and our standards are high. We offer extensive warranties and a full back-up service including marketing materials, expert advice, training and sales support.

Purchasing large volume equipment allows us to pass savings on. This means our distributors can offer the best possible prices to their customers, which in turn assists our distributors to achieve their business goals.

Excision is a family business, fully Australian-owned and operated. Our team responds quickly to every request with fast and efficient solutions, every time. That’s why our business continues to grow.

Our vision

Excision is the preferred supplier of specialised industrial products and consumables, across Australia and beyond.

Our mission

We offer our customers high-quality, high-performance products that exceed expectations, and support their business goals by providing superior levels of customer service and advice.

Statement of values

In our daily business operations at Excision, we:

  • aim to exceed customer expectations, every time
  • conduct all dealings with integrity and honesty
  • create and maintain strong partnerships
  • promote open and honest communication
  • deliver on promises
  • provide flexible and responsive service
  • think outside the square to find solutions
  • are results focused
  • continuously aim to improve.

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