Cigweld Ferrocraft 22

Cigweld Ferrocraft 22


Cigweld Ferrocraft 22

Ferrocraft 22 is a rutile type high iron powder electrode for the higher productivity fillet and butt welding of mild steel. Suitable for all downhand (flat and horizontal-vertical) positions.

Slag lift and “sidewall” wash at weld toes are superb and welding speeds are approximately double those of conventional electrodes of equal size and length.

Ferrocraft 22 is recommended for high production welding where large standing fillet welds are required. It is the ideal electrode for heavy, structural welding applications such as tanks, frames, girders and beams, ship structures and rolling stock and general fabrication in the workshop or on-site.

Suitable for 'on site' repair, maintenance and fabrication jobs where the iron powder addition gives improved useability


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