WA Hardface LG

WA Hardface LG cored wire used for hardfacing


Hardface L is a cored wire used for hardfacing components subject to metal – metal wear and high abrasion. The weld deposit has good impact resistance and high hardness. The weldmetal is a medium alloy Martensitic steel. It is an economical wire with good abrasion and impact resistance. The weld deposit is just machinable with special tools.
L-O – Open Arc (Self Shielded – Gasless) Wire
L-S – Submerged Arc Wire
L-G – Gas Shielded Wire
Ball mill rolls, bucket teeth, bucket lips, bucket undersides, cutting edges, steel mill rolls, cable drums, blast furnace bells, sand dredge equipment, dragline buckets, conveyor chutes, grizzly bars. Especially applicable in 2-3 layers for wear resistance. Pre-heat should be applied to prevent relief checking.


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