Manganese Bronze

Manganese Bronze


Manganese Bronze is known for its versatility and good mechanical properties. Its high bond strength makes it suitable for use in a wide range of self-fluxing applications.

Excellent choice for rush jobs or temporary applications involving dissimilar metals or where rust is present. Galvanized parts can be brazed without causing damage to the zinc coating. Best for colour matches on yellow brass and bronze castings. 

The weld deposits are non-porous for leak proof joints for water, oil and gas lines. The weld deposit freezes rapidly from fluid to a plastic state. Preheat is required for some applications and a brazing flux is recommended. Clean joint area as thoroughly as possible.

Use with 303 flux found in our store

More control than flux coated rods

Low fuming

Ductile weld metal 

Good mechanical properties 

Suitable for steel, stainless steel, copper and nickel alloy

Braze welding of bronze, cast iron steel and malleable iron

Great for gas brazing steel, copper alloys, and stainless steel


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