EutecTrode XHD 6868

EutecTrode XHD 6868


EutecTrode XHD 6868

Castolin-Eutectic EutecTrode XHD 6868 special manual electrode for anti-wear protective coating, repair and joining of difficult-to-weld steels.

PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS: Earthmoving equipment, extrusion cylinders & screws

OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Remarkable deposition characteristics – Easy slag removal – All position – High resistance to cracking.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Electrode with high yield and extremely high deposition speed for overlay, repairs and joining of “difficult-to-weld” steels. Solves the everyday problem steel welding applications in industry. Use for high strength, ductile joining and cladding of carbon and alloy steels, including tool and die, spring and manganese steels.




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