Eutectrode 680 CGS Xuper

Eutectrode 680 CGS Xuper


Eutectrode 680 CGS Xuper

Xuper 680 CGS electrode is a highly alloyed manual electrode giving very high strength joints with excellent resistance to cracking, corrosion and oxidation.

PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS: Dies, tools, springs, cushion layer

OUTSTANDING FEATURES: Controlled grain structure/strength and ductility -Spray type metal transfer – Superb weldability for all steels – Low amperage easy strike-restrike. FrigidArc coating plus high-alloy core generates highly ionized arc for “spray-type” transfer of weld metal. Outstanding strength and corrosion resistance with ease of handling and uniformity. NucleO CGS provides controlled grain structure for high strength, high elongation, toughness and ductility.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Tool and die repairs, rebuilding gear teeth, repairing cracks in machine casings, buttering layers and repairs on earthmoving and drilling equipment, and rebuilding worn shafts. Difficult to weld steels and steel alloys.





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