Castolin Eutectic DO 385N

Castolin Eutectic DO 385N Hardfacing Mig wire


Castolin Eutectic DO 385N

DO 385 GMAW OAW is an iron based steel alloy with a near nanoscale
(submicron) microstructure that includes chromium, molybdenum and niobium in
the material chemistry, resulting in an overlay wear solution well suited for the
toughest jobs in the most extreme service environments.
Key Performance Characteristics
x 66 – 71 HRc single and double pass weld deposits.
x Exceptional resistance to severe sliding abrasion.
x Provides longer lasting wear life than most chrome-carbide and complex
carbide alloys.
x Improved impact resistance results from complex boro-carbide phases
surrounded by ductile phases that form during welding.



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