Bossweld 5356 Mini Spools

Bossweld 5356 Mini Spools welding wire


Bossweld 5356 Mini Spools

Precision layer wound aluminium MIG wire 5% Mg is considered to be the most commonly used aluminium wire. Uses include storage tanks, boat building, bull bars, automotive & general aluminium fabrication. Suitable for welding a wide range of cast & wrought aluminium alloys.

AWS Specification

A5.10 ER5356

Industry Specification

A5.10 ER5356


Precision Layer wound, Double Diamond shaved wire

Suitable for a range of Aluminium materials

Handy 4 and 8 inch spools

Welding Positions

All positions


General Aluminium fabrication and repairs

Bullbars and Rollbars

Boat building

Welding of many Aluminium alloys


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