Contact us for the latest range of testing equipment and consumables or drop into our showroom at 500 Boundary Street, Toowoomba. Weld Fillet Gauge Weld Fillet Gauge Pro Digital Welding Gauge DIGITAL Weld Measuring Gauge. Eliminates rejects, improves productivity. Small easy to carry, fit in most pockets, has own plastic caseQuick checking of pre-weld preparation bevelling, degrees

Flashback Arrestor Testing

Did you know that your Flashback Arrestors need testing every 12 months to meet the Australian Standard AS4603-1999. At Toowoomba Welding Supplies we can test and tag your Flashback Arrestors. Don’t get caught out thinking your gear is safe. Have it tested now.  Contact us for service, repairs or refurbishment of all your equipment in our modern

Welder Calibration

Welder Calibration Did you know that your welder requires calibration to meet the AS/NZS ISO 3834 Standard. At Toowoomba Welding Supplies, in line with AS 1674.2, ISO 17662:2016, BS EN 50504 and using our NATA certified equipment we can validate your welder calibration every 12 months as recommended by the AS/NZS ISO 3834 Standard.  Contact us for

Test & Tag

At Toowoomba Welding Supplies your equipment is tested and tagged before it leaves our shop, saving you the trouble of having someone else certify your gear before you place it into service. Contact us for service, repairs or refurbishment of all your equipment in our modern workshop or at your facility. TOOWOOMBA WELDING SUPPLIES.  MACHINE REPAIRS AND SERVICE