Medical Gas

Quality Healthcare Gases Medical Gas Delivered when you need it Contact us for all your medical gas needs. Whether large quantities or small we can organise a supply to suit your ongoing needs.

Balloon Gas

Balloon Gas Balloon Filler Valve included with Bottle Hire A party is not a real party without blowing up a few balloons.Contact us for all your balloon gas needs. Whether large quantities or small we can supply to suit you.

Domestic LPG

Domestic LPG BBQ LPG Bottles Home Delivery Contact us for all your LPG needs.Whether it’s for the BBQ or your house we supply it all.

Trade N Go Gas™

Trade N Go Gas™ DON’T RENT A CYLINDER! Trade N Go it STEP ONE   Buy your Gas   Simply drop into Toowoomba Welding Supplies, purchase your gas and pay a one time flat-fee deposit on the cylinder. You can keep the cylinder for as long as you need it. STEP TWO   Swap your empty   When

Industrial Gas

Industrial Gas Argon Carbon Dioxide 2.5 Oxygen Acetylene Coregas 07 Coregas 10 Coregas 16/3 Coregas 18 Coregas 25 Coregas 5/2 Shieldpro 20 Shieldpro 21 Shieldpro 30 Shieldpurge 95/05 Nitrogen If you currently use one of our competitor’s gases, you’re welcome to check out our free gas comparison chart. This chart compares the gases from Coregas, BOC Gas, Supagas and


WE DELIVER LARGE QUANTITIES OR SMALL Contact us for a full list of the gases we supply Toowoomba Welding Supplies has a complete range of gases to suit the domestic, light industrial and large manufacturer. If you need to buy mig gas, shielding gas, cutting gases, argoshield, Oxy gas or acetylene gas we have it all. Do you need a