At Toowoomba Welding Supplies we supply a range of replacement Electrode holders, Mig torches, Tig torches and Plasma torches as well spare parts to suit your particular application. Contact us or drop into our showroom at 500 Boundary St Toowoomba.

Electrode Holders and parts

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Mig Torches and parts

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ABICOR BINZEL is a leading manufacturer of welding torches and accessories. ... With a full line of handheld and robotic torches in air and water-cooled, BINZELtorches and accessories make manufacturing a more productive and less costly endeavor through their endless commitment to quality.

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Tig Torches and Parts

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The World’s Most Productive Welding Torch
The XP8 is a fresh approach.
It has been designed around today’s production environment, modern welding techniques and equipment.
The XP8 sets new standards in design, innovation and performance.



What Makes XP8 Different?
80% Duty Cycle
In recent years guidelines laid down by theEuropean Standard EN60974-7 have served to harmonise global understanding of MIG weldingtorch performance.The ratings of European torches were traditionally based on a 5-minute cycle where a 60% duty cycle was defined as 3 minutes weld time and 2 minutes downtime. American torches were traditionally rated over a 10-minute cycle where a 60% dutycycle represents 6 minutes weld time and 4 minutes downtime. The new  standards have resulted in the duty cycles of many European torch brands being downgraded in performance due to the extended welding period.

Competitive pressures have also resulted in MIG torches becoming disposable items and while the user may save on initial cost, the lossof performance and durability is ultimately false economy.
Duty cycles quoted by some manufacturers are at best misleading and often fictitious. In line with EN60974-7 a duty cycle of a torch specifies the number of minutes within a 10-minute period during which a welder can operate at a particular welding current and voltage.
The XP8 air cooled torch models are rated at 80% and will weld continuously for 8 minutes
at their given ratings. The XP8 water-cooled torches are rated at 100% duty cycle and will weld continuously.

Plasma Torches and Parts

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