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SuperJet-S- Kits


Modular delivery system to spray-fuse Eutalloy® powders

SuperJet Eutalloy® is an oxy-acetylene thermal spray torch which delivers very precise anti-wear protective coatings. Alloy powders are sprayed onto the part to be coated and are fused simultaneously. Bonding with the base metal by diffusion ensures that it does not reach its melting point. The dense coating is not affected by dilution and retains all its designed properties.


Modular design
The system's modular design makes it easy to remove all components for cleaning, maintenance and eventually replacement.


Safety First
Each component, as well as the completed torch, is subject to rigorous quality control. Safety devices have been incorporated, such as:
Quick shutoff lever cuts supply of gases to the torch.
Heating in the torch causes sintered plugs to fuse, blocking the gases.



  • Flexible, multi-purpose and quick

  • Usable in all positions on a wide range of base metals including steels, alloyed steels, stainless steels and cast iron

  • Flexible high speed operation with maximum safety

  • Consistent deposit quality

  • Coats full range of metals

Flame Spraying


Flame spraying is a thermal spray coating process that produces high quality surface coatings using heat, from the combustion of a fuel gas with oxygen, to melt a spray coating material which is propelled onto a substrate.

Flame spraying offers a cost effective alternative for applying metallic and ceramic coatings in a less demanding environment.

The utilisation of the flame spraying surface treatment allows the spraying of a wide variety of metallic or ceramic coatings on to a large range of component materials where good wear resistance and excellent impact resistance are required.

As the surface technology specialists in flame spraying, Bodycote provides an array of thermal spray coating materials to suit your specific needs. Backed by a customer-driven service, our facilities process a wide variety of component sizes to exacting standards with reliable, repeatable results.


There are particular reasons why flame spraying may be used:

  • Component geometry or the working environment requires manual thermal spraying, offering the easiest working conditions;

  • Large & complex areas (structures);

  • The required thermal spray coating performance is achieved with flame spraying; and

  • Cost effective

Application & materials

Flame spraying is widely used where a cost effective thermal spray coating is desired and a lower quality can be tolerated. The majority of components are sprayed manually.

  • Corrosion protection; structures and components

  • Reclamation worn shafts, particularly of bearing areas with materials such as stainless steel or bronze alloys

  • The surface coatings produced are porous and lubricants can be absorbed into the coating, enhancing performance of the bearing.

  • Aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, bronze, low carbon steel, nickel-based materials, molybdenum.

Process details

Flame spraying uses the heat from the combustion of a fuel gas, usually acetylene or propane with oxygen, to melt the spray coating material. In this process a consumable, usually a powder or wire, is heated and propelled onto a substrate to form a surface coating.

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