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Bossweld 316LSi MIG Wire
Mig Wire
Material Welding:
Stainless Steel
Wire Material:
Stainless Steel
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Bossweld 316LSi MIG Wire

For welding of similar composition (316 & 316L & in some cases 304 & 304L) as well as joining mild & low alloy. The low carbon content ensures immunity from carbide precipitation & intergranular corrosion when welding low carbon stainless steel grades & higher silicon levels offer improved arc stability, bead shape & edge wetting. 316LSi would be considered the most widely used stainless steel MIG wire.

AWS Specification

A5.9 ER316LSi

Industry Specification

A5.9 ER316LSi


Precision Layer wound wire

Low Carbon content reduces the risk of Carbide precipitation.

Easy starting and Smooth feeding wire

Higher Silicon content improves weld edge wetting

Welding Positions

All positions


Food processing equipment

Water processing filtration plants

General stainless steel fabrications

Mig welding wire.
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