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Our partners at Fronius state that, "Your success is our motivation". As the global welding technology leader, Fronius is a reliable partner to countless well-known customers across all industries. Their ability to work closely with us to develop individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your specific needs is unrivalled, and drawing on our combined decades of experience, extensive expertise and precise knowledge of your processes and needs, brings successful outcomes.



Their innovative welding technology solutions are the result of decades of experience and tradition. The name Fronius has been synonymous with intensive research, revolutionary technologies and exceptional product quality since 1945.

The company emerged from humble beginnings: on 10th June 1945, the engineer Günter Fronius founded the company in Pettenbach, Upper Austria. Initially he focussed on the production of battery charging systems and welding transformers. Around 1950, Fronius launched the first welding transformer with magnet-yoke-control. This allowed the user to adjust the welding current to any value. It was the first of many innovations from Fronius that would make a lasting impression on the world of welding technology.

Today, Fronius is the global technology leader and European market leader in welding technology. Constant innovation has been and always will be the key to the company’s success in our endeavour to shift the limits of what’s possible.



From automotive to mechanical engineering, from robotics to offshore: our customer's requirements of our welding systems are just as varied as they are. However, they are united in their goals: optimal welding results and an efficient welding process for cost-effective production. To meet their demands, an increasing number of users are putting their trust in Fronius. This is because Fronius provide them with high-quality products and system solutions to keep them well-equipped today and into the future.



As well as their innovative technologies and individual solutions, it is the proximity to their customers that makes Fronius stand out. With over 1,000 sales partners around the world, they are always where our customers need them to be. They work tirelessly every day to achieve their goal: your success. Our satisfied customers from all sectors are the living proof of this.

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